Collections Care Services

 We provide Collections Care Services for private and public collectors of all sizes.  These services include pre-purchase condition reports, conservation and restoration, inventory documentation, and annual check-ups of artworks.   

Condition Reports

The Condition Report is a written document, given by a conservator, that identifies the current condition of all aspects of an artwork.  It can be used to evaluate situations needing present treatment or as a record for future monitoring.  



Inventory Documentation


Fogg Art will work with you to develop documentation and organization of your collection.  As collections grow, they require special attention.  Inventory Documentation can help to establish a regular maintenance schedule so that artworks remain in top condition and can also help to organize pieces acquired and de-acessioned.  

Insurance Claims

Since 1987, Fogg Art has been helpng clients with insurance claims regarding their works of art.  Whether it's a claim relating to a single piece or an entire collection, we understand what your insurance company needs and we will work with them regarding the restoration of damaged works.    


Annual Check-Ups


After Fogg Art Restoration estabishes the condition of an artwork or collection, we will set up a schedule for maintainance check-ups which will include condition follow-up and environmental concerns.  This information will be added to the Inventory Documentation.