Fly Fishing

“If fishing is like religion, then fly-fishing is high church”

-Tom Brokaw

People who are touched by fly fishing past, present and future find the perfect way to capture the history, the legend, the experience, at Fogg Art Restoration and Custom Framing. We have archivally preserved family fishing treasures, such as packer rods, flies created by renowned craftspeople and painting from around the world and especially those wonderful salmon of the Spey River in the Highlands of Scotland.

The Showbox presentations that you see in the pictures are all archival. The objects within are preserved and could be removed in the future if it was necessary. The piece below, a rod by Cicil Pierce, was designed to fit perfectly above the clients flat screen television. The glazing is museum plexi-glass which protects the objects form ultraviolet rays and is practically invisible.

So when your passion or your mates’ passion is fly fishing, come see us at Fogg Art Restoration and Custom Framing, we will create the perfect heirloom for you.

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