Conserving Corot

Conservation Framing of Jean Baptiste Camille Corot

A client brought in a newly aquired print by French, Salon pleasing, Barbizon School era artist Jean Baptiste Camille Corot (1796- 1875).

Fogg Art Restoration and Custom Framing has a long history of handling, restoring and presenting major historical works of art in classic conservation framing solutions.

After consultation with the paper conservator the client elected not to lighten the print to remove the stain.This decision does not preclude the option of paper restoration in the future.

Peter and the client collaborated on the design of the piece, choosing a classic presentation. Nick hinged and matted the etching to museum quality rag board in the traditional manner.

Conservation clear glass was chosen to be consistent with the clients collection and offers 99% ultra violet protection. All materials used are archival.

Lastly they added a warm 1/2 inch 22kt gold closed corner frame, keeping in the simple and classic style of Jean Baptiste Camille Corot's style.

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