"Jane's Bath": The Presentation Of A Three Dimensional Drawing

Artist Robin A.S. Haynes, of Bath, Maine, created a three dimensional ink and poly-chrome drawing on heavy-weight archival paper.

The drawing is approximately 8"x 20" and the finished piece is a few inches larger. It depicts the City of Bath, Maine during the peak of the shipping era of the mid 1800's. Fogg Art Restoration was asked by a client in the Boston area to create a stunning presentation.

The drawing is attached to a specially engineered substrate to enhance the viewing of the three layers of the drawing when fully opened.

Nick built a 5" deep shadow box from custom milled molding. Teresa and Nick created a multi-layered pigment enriched wax finish. The shadowbox was lined with archival mat board to create a floating effect. This presentation is designed to hang on a wall or sit on a shelf.

Finally the piece was glazed with TruVue Museum Glass, so the glass does not interfere with viewing and will block 99% of Ultra-Violet rays.

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